Saturday, November 7, 2009


La vie en vert

So you've been invited to stay with friends in France in a small apartment or perhaps a grand old villa, or maybe even a château. If you're not intimately familiar with the plumbing installation, then be a good guest, as well as do everyone else in the household a favor, and be parsimonious with the hot water!

Opting for a shower rather than a deep bath is obvious; what's less obvious is training yourself to shower in a more spartan, European way: after becoming thoroughly wet, turn off the water, then suds up, and only turn the water back on to rinse off quickly

Challenged plumbing or not, being frugal with water is a sound practice to follow anywhere you might be. . .

Some French vocabulary:
gaspiller: to waste (water, food, time, resources)

gaspillage: waste (masculine noun)
savon: soap (masculin noun)
savonneux: sudsy (adjective)
pomme de douche: shower head (feminine noun)

Text & photo ©2009 P.B. Lecron

After posting this blog I received an email comment from a total but very sympatico stranger that I'd like to share: "Excellent, ce blog!  C'est trop drôle, le coup de la douche, c'est très exactement ce que j'ai passé mon temps à expliquer à mes enfants, et comme je reçois souvent des étrangers chez moi, j'ai même mis dans la douche de la chambre d'amis un texte explicatif tellement similaire qu'on le croirait copié dessus!!"  Isabelle H.

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